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Planning to bring home your first Border collie dog? We recommend reading given below frequently asked questions and answers for responsible pet ownership.


Do Border Collies Need Exercise?


Border Collies are a breed that enjoys exercising, however their physical activity requirement cannot be fulfilled with a yard or open space to run. Border Collies also enjoy interacting with people and enjoy playing.As an owner it is recommended that you make use of their endless energy and must use it to develop their positive behavior.


Do they get along with kids and other pets?

Although they are bred to work in fields with farmers, but they still make a very good family friendly breed and generally are good with children and they also live in harmony with other pets like cats and other dog breeds. 

Different types of Border Collie Coat Colors?

Border Collies come in a variety of different coat colors and patterns.  The most common ones are: Black Tri-colored, Red, Brown, Full Black, Black and White, Red and White, Brown and White and Red tri-Colored. 

How Do I Train My Border Collie?

Training is the most important part of the journey of owning a border collie, because a well trained dog is the key to raising a happy, healthy and obedient pet. You can find a lot of information online about training your border collie if you are serious, it is worth looking at dog training in your local area. Dog training can be a fun and rewarding experience for both the owner and the dog.


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